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Give your eyes a break

Did you know that your eyes process 10 mio. bits of information every single second.

Your eyes are doing a tremendous job to process so much information for you. There is hardly ever a moment when they can fully rest. Even when it’s dark or when you have your eyes closed, there is usually some light coming in that keeps them busy.

And this brings me to today’s invitation:

Give your eyes a break

As the eyes do so much work for us, I’m inviting you today to give them short breaks throughout the day with the simple practice of palming. It only takes one minute of your time and attention.

  1. Put your palms over your eyes in a way that they completely cover your eyes.The hand shouldn’t touch the eyes but cover them fully.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Take a few conscious breaths.
  4. Relax your eyes as much as possible.
  5. (Also relax your arms and hands as much as possible in this position.)
Whenever you remember or when your eyes get tired, give them a one-minute break by palming. If you know you won’t remember, you can set a reminder on your phone so you can build a practice of giving your eyes a break.With relaxed eyes, enjoy you day. Who knows what you’ll discover when you have a fresh perspective!