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Being aware of your feet

Take five minutes to be barefoot and walk consciously.
Feel your feet on the ground.
Ideally you walk on natural terrain.


We talk a lot of being or feeling grounded. It’s quite easy to get there. Feel your toes and heel as you move on the soft surface of the earth. Breathe. Let go of your thoughts. Be.

Being aware of your feet is what grounds you, literally.


(If you don’t have time to make it to green space, anything goes. Barefoot at home, on wooden floors, the carpet, or on the street.)


You have around 200,000 nerve cells in the sole of each foot.

So, it’s a total of 400,000 nerve cells that you’re activating when you walk barefoot. Walking barefoot and feeling your feet on the ground is an easy way to be more present. It connects you to the ground and allows your mind to calm down.