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4-week online programs for the busy person
who wants to take care of herself.

I know you have a busy life. And you want to make the most of it.

One way to make the most of your life is by following an embodied path to holistic well-being.
And learning to integrate body-based awareness in small bites into your everyday life.

And that’s the path that I can guide you through and share my toolbox with you.


My intention is to offer you a program that allows you to take small steps instead of adding more stress by wanting to change everything at once. 

After all, life is movement. A process. And a process takes time. Change is not a single event or moment.

This program is for you if …

  • You want to take care of yourself and be successful in a sustainable way, on your own terms.
  • You are aware that the body plays as much a role in a good life as the right mind(set).
  • You want to get started now and are willing to dedicate 5-15 minutes per week of your time, attention and intention in creating the change you wish for by tapping into your own resources.
  • You are already on your journey but would like some fresh input on how to connect body and mind in a fun and simple way.

This DIY journey of self-discovery is for every person who wants to do it.

A group of people that is dear to my heart and that I think could benefit tremendously of easy-to-integrate awareness and wellbeing tools are one-person or small business. 

Here are some reasons why it can be beneficial to take care of your human resources if you consider your in this group:

For many freelancers and one-person businesses it’s true that YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.

If you get sick or are stuck in a rut, you don’t have a business.
The best investment you can make is in taking care of yourself. In whatever shape or form, I believe your business can only strive when you feel well, confident and have trust in your abilities.

It’s easy to make small compromises and sacrifices that in the long run affect your health and confidence.

When you start out in your business you’re full of enthusiasm and energy. And you are determined to make it work. But what happens when the business takes longer than expected to take off? How does feeling insecure about price negotiations affect your confidence in future meetings? How is your stress level affecting your productivity and creativity?
I know from my own experience that when it’s your own business and you love what you do, it’s easy to say yes to the one extra job that’s actually too much. Just because you are not good at saying no or you’re afraid that the client won’t come back if you offer a later deadline.

Most of us grew up not feeling OK just how we are. 

When you have your own business or are committed to a project it’s crucial to know what you’re good at and to use your resources well. When you want to be successful [please insert your own definition of successful here] you need to know what you are good at and that you can rely on yourself. Your work has to be intrinsically motivated and when you perpetuate what many of us have experienced growing up that we work hard not only because we enjoy it but because we need to feel good enough or want the approval of other people we perpetuate a dependence on outside factors that ultimately will weaken us.
To know yourself well and take care of yourself is the basis for a good life, especially if you have your own business.

Strengthen your Human Resources

There are many human qualities that I consider wonderful and powerful resources for people. I will bit by bit package them into modules and make them available here. The first one available online is ‘Stress as a Resource

My definition of a human resource:

A human ability or skill that can be fostered and honed so you can use it more consciously and to your benefit. You don’t need anything but your own body and awareness to access it. It doesn’t cost money, but it requires your attention and awareness to grow.

Easy to integrate in daily life

For four weeks, you will receive a weekly email with new information and inspirations on the subject.

The idea is instead of having to take time-out of your regular busy life to take care of yourself, you can integrate short moments and experiences into your day that will build up over time to boost your confidence and trust in yourself as well as your health and contentment.  

You can choose the time of the day when you practice. You can play around with the activities – food for body thinking, exercises, inspirations – and explore what brings you the most energy and benefit.

The more you are yourself, the more you will enjoy your life.

It’s a matter of experience – make it your own

Some say practice makes perfect. I say practice brings presence.
And confidence in yourself.

Trusting yourself – your thinking, your gut feeling, your emotions – is probably the most important thing to navigate through life with purpose, joy and ease.

What’s waiting for you?

What kind of information and practices will you get in the emails?

I draw from a wide range of attention and awareness-raising tools that boost energy level and strengthen human qualities that make life worth living.

For Activate your Human Resources, I share some of the tools I use in the work with my clients in one-to-one and workshop settings. They are intended to wake up your curiosity to explore those subjects in your life. They include:

Week 1 | Food for thought

Inspirations, insights, background information on the subject – the entry point for your exploration

Week 2 | Reality check-in with your body

After having explored during the week from a particular perspective on a human resource, you will have the opportunity to do a quick check-in with your body. What do you know about yourself?

This might be in the form of a little checklist, a drawing, or writing down your reflections.

Week 3 | Practice

In week three, I will share with you a breathing or body-awareness exercise that is supporting and strengthening the quality of the respective module.

Week 4 | Integration & Setting an Anchor

Week four consists of a few questions and gives you time to reflect on what you’ve experienced and learned in the past weeks. And you will get a prompt to set a physical anchor for the coming week to help you integrate what you’ve learned.

Your investment

In monetary terms:

Taking money into your hands alone doesn’t get you what you want. To make it real for you, you will have to invest some more: your time, energy and attention.

I want to point it out ti make sure you don’t spend money without any benefit.

The weekly inspirations and practices are designed to be easy to integrate into your life. They require 5-15 minutes to do. But you’ll also have to read the email and get the instructions. So expect that you’ll invest another 1-5 minutes a week reading.

A small investment with great potential. 😉
I believe in your potential!

If you sign up for a module, the lessons and practice instructions are always sent on the same day every week – starting the morning after you sign up – so you have a full week to explore.

Activate your Human Resources