What is Thinking with the Body?

We experience the world in our bodies. It’s the basis of learning and integrating things we want into our lives.

It is also the basis of the “Thinking with the Body” approach.

Science is exploring how emotions are crucial for decision making. Therefore we should listen to our emotions to be able to make good decisions. After having made a decision you take the relevant actions and this is how you become successful and content.

This sounds easy, right? So why is it that it is so hard to do?


For one, the abilities of simple decision-making, doing what is relevant – i.e. not doing what doesn’t get you the results you want – and being in tune with your emotions and using them in alignment with your smarts to move with ease and energy towards your goals and the fulfillment of your potential is not part of the school curriculum. There is no compulsory or elective course on “How to be yourself so you can live life fully”.

For another, we often get lost by focusing on external factors and are mainly busy with what is out of our control. By doing this we give up or reduce our capacity for clarity and agency in life.

I am convinced that thinking with the body is an innate human ability all of us have. And Bodies at Work offers an approach how you can regain or reactivate this ability.

Your physical experience…

… is the basis of Thinking with the Body.

You embody your beliefs, habits and emotions. When you get stressed or are stuck with a problem, your perceptions is influenced by the default way how you have learned to experience the world. Our experience of the present is influenced by our past experiences and our expectations. The body, on the other hand, is always in the present moment. It is your anchor in reality. Thus, the body is your direct and simplest connection to regaining agency in the moment when you need it.

Breaking the complexities of difficult or stressful situations down into manageable elements:


Beliefs, expectations,
worries, ideas


Being efficient in your actions
New options in your actions
Quitting futile activities


The Emotional Compass

Using an emotion as a guide
to show you the way
towards your goal

Do you know this situation when you have clearly defined your goal, but you lack the energy or courage to take the relevant steps? Or when it’s time to act, this old feeling of insecurity or unclarity creep up on you?

It’s these key moments when Thinking with the Body is called for. In these moments you can connect with your body, breathe, check in with your emotions to get clarity about if something or what needs to be done. You have the big picture while being able to discern the relevant elements on a small scale  that keeps you from being yourself or doing what matters.

Thinking with the Body means to be able to rely on your intuition while focusing on what’s relevant.

Als Mensch von Beruf kannst du dein Denken, Handeln und deine Emotionen auf Schiene bringen, sodass du als eins deinem Ziel näher kommst.