also: paying attention

Based on the principle of energy follows attention,

The body-based approach to awareness I practice and teach, uses your physical being as an anchor in reality.

Thanks to Descartes separation of body and mind and the fact that in our society and education system, the mind is often considered superior to the body, we learn to give more importance to our thoughts. Instead of listening to our body and using this information to achieve our goals, we often consider a physical sensation or symptom a nuisance that keeps us from finishing the work.

Practically, you can check if this is true for you.

Unless people have pain, it is very likely that you will be more aware of physical sensations to areas in your head and chest than of your belly or legs.

The body is your anchor in reality. The body doesn’t lie. By starting to pay attention to your body (or specifically certain body parts) you can (re)connect body and mind.

The act of paying attention to your body leads to increased awareness of yourself and your surroundings. It is what makes your experience of life rich, unique and full.

Most often we avoid unpleasant feelings or sensations. To not feel them, we withdraw our attention. We do this by contracting, shrinking, ignoring, distracting ourselves (by thinking for instance). By reconnecting with the parts that you have neglected, you have the possibility to regain qualities that have been blocked.


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